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Bob Marsh - Violin, Voice, Electronics
Massimo Falascone - Saxophones, Samples, Electronics

Cd release:
Non Troppo Lontano (2010, Eh? 47)

Bob and Massimo began their collaborations at a very long physical distance but in a close spiritual relationship in an anarchistic corner of myspace towards the end of 2007. Bob was sending out eight minutes of sonic material – voice, electronics, field recordings – to composer/musicians in North America and Europe asking them to add, subtract, multiply and/or divide the sounds to create new pieces. At the end there were twelve responses and they put out a cd, Eight, on the Italian label, Setola di Maiale.

Massimo and Bob expresses a mutual desire to play together live and Massimo said that he hoped that it would be in "un giorno non troppo lontano". Bob then decided to meet with Massimo in Milano in October of 2008 and create a small cd release tour that would also involve two other Eight participants, Renato Ciunfrini and Graziano Lella from Roma.
While in Milano they recorded this duo in (home) Studio Mumacs. Finally, doppo de multi giorni lontani, it was released on the EH? label.

They have continued their long distance collaborations with Nine, a series of graphic compositions sent out as before, , and now in the Massimo's new work Variazioni Mumacs, a composition of electroacoustic and improvised music, a sequence of 32 tracks built on the structure of Bach's Goldberg Variations.
Massimo and Bob met in Paris in May of 2010 for a series of concerts (listen) and recently decided to call themselves Falamar.
See here the video of Mr Mercury (= Bob) with Massimo in concert @ R de Choc in Paris, May 21st.

May 20-21-22-23, 2010

Thursday May 20 (6:30 pm) 
@ Souffle continu 
20/22 Rue Gerbier - 75011 Paris
(M° Voltaire ou Philippe Auguste)
Tel./Fax 01 40 24 17 21

Bob Marsh and Massimo Falascone (aka Falamar)
Bob Marsh, airsynths, violin, voice
Massimo Falascone, saxophones, samples
Friday May 21 (8:30 pm)
@ Le Rotonde de Choc
Espace Jemmapes (salle noire)
116, quai de Jemmapes – 75010 Paris
(M° Jacques Bonsergent / Gare de l’Est)

Mr Mercury in Silver Park
Bob Marsh (USA) : voix, objets
+ Massimo Falascone (Italie) : électronique

Sandra Yolles (USA) : percussions électroniques
Bob Marsh (USA) : alesis air synth, voix

Saturday May 22 (8:30 pm)
@ l'Espace En Cours
56 rue de la Réunion 75020 Paris
(M° Avron, Buzenval, A. Dumas)
Tel. 01 43 72 09 48

Quintessentials/Les Michelins
Dan Warburton, violin
Fred Marty, contrabass
Eugène Darredeau, electronics
Massimo Falascone, saxophones
Claude Parle, accordion
Bob Marsh, conductor
Bob Marsh will conduct the Quintessentials in readings of his graphic compositions based on his ongoing alterations to the 1987 Michelin Road Atlas of France. They will include Les Michelins IV, VII, VIII and X. He will also perform a solo from Les Michelins IX.
Peinture Sonique Trio
Eugène Darredeau, sonic painting
Bob Marsh, violin, voice
Massimo Falascone, saxophone, samples

Sunday May 23 (4 pm)
@ Espace des arts Sans Frontières
44 rue Bouret 75019 Paris
(M° Jaurés, Bolivar)

Quintessentials/Les Michelins
Eugène Darredeau, electronics
Massimo Falascone, saxophones
Claude Parle, accordion
Bob Marsh, conductor