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Massimo Falascone : alto saxophone / John Hughes : double bass
Duration: 28:56
Recorded Live @ Jupilinde Bar - Hamburg, 27-05-2012
Creative Improvised Music in the Gängeviertel
Bob Marsh, airsynths, violin, voice / Massimo Falascone, saxophones, samples
Duration: 27:51
Recorded Live @ Souffle continu - Paris, 20-05-2010
Quintessentials / Les Michelins
Bob Marsh conducts the Quintessentials in readings of his graphic compositions based on his ongoing alterations to the 1987 Michelin Road Atlas of France.
They include Les Michelins IV, VII, VIII, IX and X.
Dan Warburton, violin
Fred Marty, contrabass
Eugène Darredeau, electronics
Massimo Falascone, saxophones
Claude Parle, accordion
Bob Marsh, conductor
Recorded Live @ l'Espace En Cours - Paris, 22-05-2010
Quintessentials: Les Michelins IV (16:38)
Quintessentials: Les Michelins VII (13:36)
Quintessentials: Les Michelins VIII (3:32)
Quintessentials: Les Michelins IX (1:42)
Quintessentials: Les Michelins X (12:06)
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