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Cristiano Calcagnile
Multikulti Cherry On
2016, Caligola 2215
1. Cherry On      8:20
2. Walk to the Mountain      5:06
3. East Suite      25:59
       a) Terry's Tune
       b) East Fragment N1
       c) East Fragment N2
       d) Zukude
4. Communion Suite      15:04
       a) Complete Communion
       b) Dewey's Tune
       c) Happy House
       d) Infant Happiness
       e) Symphony for the Improvisers
5. Mogùto Suite      17:11
       a) Mopti
       b) Guinea
       c) Togo
6. Malinyé      4:14

Gabriele Mitelli : trumpet, pocket trumpet, Bb/Eb flugelhorn
Paolo Botti : viola, Stroh violin, banjo, er-hu, bowed psaltery
Giancarlo Nino Locatelli : bass clarinet, bells, mouth organ
Massimo Falascone : alto & baritone saxophones, crackle box, objects
Pasquale Mirra : vibraphone, percussion, voice
Gabriele Evangelista : double bass, voice
Dudu KouateĢ€ : african percussion, salaam, calebasse, djembé, voice
Cristiano Calcagnile : drums, percussion, voice

Recorded at Centro Culturale Candiani - Auditorium, Mestre on October 19-20, 2015
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